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Trainers' Library - What Do You Need? Question 4

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The question was posted by Zoe on 11/02/2021 15:49:12

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my weekly questions so far. All responses really do help us gain a better understanding of what you, our customers, need from us here at Trainers' Library this year.

So my fourth, and penultimate, question, what new content would you like to see us develop??

Thanks, Zoe.

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For those who've mentioned DEI, this, as some of you are aware is a topic I'm particularly passionate about and interested in. You might be interested to know that I'll be running a one-day virtual workshop on engaging people in learning about equal opportunities and diversity that goes beyond a superficial awareness of the law. In it I'll highlight many of the modules in Trainers' Library on this important topic. Drop me a line on [email protected] if you'd be interested in attending. This is also a topic I'll be looking at in my session at our next Discovery Day, for which there are still four tickets left. :-)
Great suggestion Gary, I could use more resources for DEI training too! Cheers!
Hi Rod, I have used the Change Spectrum twice and it was with small employers. It generated conversation and got them thinking. I also used The Witches of Glum because people make assumptions about how others are feeling.
Would echo Gary's comments on DEI for the UK too :) Thanks Alison
Just to say I agree with Karen's comments.
Hi Nicola,

Get in touch through Design Coach - as you say, there's load on Handling Difficult Conversations, which provides a foundation for managing difficult behaviours, but there's also the new series on Remote Team Management which I think might be relevant. (A lot of the key learning points apply as much to face-to-face management ad remote team management. And I'm wondering if some of the material around emotional intelligence might help too? If you can provide a bit more detail about the group and specific learning objectives, I'm pretty sure we can help you identify material that will help, but if not, I'll add it to the wish list. :-)

In terms of people's emotional responses, I'm just thinking, have you looked at Change Spectrum, Sara's Change and the Change Journey - I'm wondering if they might be relevant?

Sara's Change: (E-learning module but there's also a video:

Change Spectrum:
The Change Journey:

Also, in the face-to-face section, have a look at Passengers. It could, I think, easily be adapted for remote delivery and could provide some useful insights:

All the best,

Hi Karen,

You mentioned more material for middle/senior managers. Are there any particular learning points you need to address that current material isn't covering? Let me know and I'll add those to our wish list. And, if you need help finding relevant materials, don't forget there's always Design Coach and I'm always on hand to help too.

Hey, Zoe Training materials on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) are needed by many corporations and franchises in the United States. Due to Black Lives Matter, training is currently going beyond that which is mandated by EEOC. Focus needs to be on unconscious bias and microaggressions. Thanks for asking the question. Gary
I think I am looking for more leadership material - I recently ran a session on Leading in Uncertainty and used the products already there. However, I felt I wanted something more on people's own emotional responses - maybe a questionnaire. And something around VUCA. I also would like something around people's why their purpose in the workplace and exercises to get people to see how their roles fit with the vision of the business - I could have missed and you may have something. And maybe something more about managing difficult behaviours - I know that there is how to have difficult conversations. And maybe something around managing workplace culture although I appreciate a lot of the individual sessions can build into that. Definitely need more Remote training adaptations.
That is quite a tricky one, Zoe. In times of such uncertainty it is increasingly difficult to plan. I would anticipate more content will be required around motivation, change and adaptability. For managers, tapping into discretionary effort is going to be even more important. Whilst these subjects have been covered by us all before, I believe what the pandemic has done is made employees more savvy. More savvy about their own needs and wants and more aware emotionally. So, I do believe that our training is going to have to go up and notch to cope with more complex needs. I would also like to see more content aimed at middle to senior managers.

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