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The question was posted by Zoe on 18/02/2021 16:48:47

Thank you again to everyone who has responded to my weekly questions so far.

My final question, what was the most important thing you learnt in 2020 in terms of L&D?

Thanks, Zoe.

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Thank you all, isn't it interesting that everyone has learnt something different.
1.) That creating fresh, online content takes longer than you think it will. 2.) That micro learning can work well - but a lot of thought and prep needs to go into it. 3.) That online learning can be effective for some, but is not always a great replacement for face to face training for others. 4.) That people will turn up in their pyjamas and dressing gowns if you don't manage expectations and standards. 5.) I've realised how much I have to learn about remote technology and how to get the best from it.
I don't hate online learning, but I think it's best when combined with in-person learning. Of course, we'll have to wait until COVID subsides to do the hybrid thing. There is just some interactive stuff that simply needs to be done in-person. How does one do a social simulation such as StarPower or Bafa Bafa on Zoom?
How to use Zoom!! Seriously, I hated online learning when I had to do it during first lockdown. Now I really enjoy it as it has forced me to design blended learning programmes which empower participants to take responsibility for their own learning much more than face to face workshops ever did. Thanks to Rod for his Zoom tips! Thank you :-)
That the majority of learning can be adapted to remote working and the world doesn't stop. I have found this way really suits me. Rod's discovery day gave me another dimension of how to successfully lead sessions and was appreciated.
That being flexible, creative and resilient is more important than ever!

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