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The question was posted by Joanna on 25/03/2021 15:43:45

Hi, I'm thinking of starting a level 5 in L&D for my own development through the apprenticeship levy fund. Has anyone completed one of these qualification? Was it helpful in your own role? Do you have any recommendations on suppliers for this type of training?

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Thank you all, as I happens I have already reached out to be pro and now contacted Avado learning, so would be useful to compare the two.
Hi Joanna, One of my team completed their level 5 last year and it was very helpful in their role and their career. We use BEPRO as a provider for both HR and L&D apprenticeships, they are excellent. I can give you contact details if you want to email. me at [email protected] - Sallyanne
Hi Joanna, I would highly recommend Avado as a provider A CIPD is a great way to formalise your profession and I would recommend it. My main takeaway from the CIPD was that it gave me a solid foundation, which in turn has given me added confidence within my role. It was tough though, especially working from home and studying from the same room. Thank you Tom
If you have a look on Institute for Apprenticeship's website and do a keyword search you will find a list of apprenticeship standards within the Learning & Development arena. If you click on each one you can then have a look at the content etc. You can also see a list of providers who deliver that standard and there is a rating next to each one.
I've just started this qualification through DPG. I looked at doing it through the apprenticeship levy fund with other companies, but it looked quite 'micromanaged' and that's not the way I work best. I chose to go through DPG based on recommendations and research. I'm only on module 1 so have a long way to go, but it's already helping me rethink the way I do things in my role in L&D. :-)

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