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Using Breakout Rooms in MS Teams, Co-hosting in MSTeams and being able to see participants when presenting using slide share

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The question was posted by Martin on 08/04/2021 20:40:19

Dear fellow virtual presenters. We normally use Zoom and we are ok with Breakout Rooms etc. However, one of our clients uses MS Teams and I need to use BOR in Teams. I am ok at setting up BORs and allocating participants, however, I am having trouble popping in and out of rooms (as we do with Zoom). Any hints anyone?

Also, I will be co-hosting a Teams sessions and would like to know how to appoint a co-host - any tips welcome.

Thirdly, I would like to be able to see small images of participants whilst I am presenting a slide show. Any idea how to do this?

Many thanks for any help.
Best wishes, Martin

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To Diane Fox. Thank you Di, I'll take a look. Martin
Also forgot to say, when you want to share in MS Teams click on PPT rather than desktop (you may see you ppt if not click browse). That way you can still see pictures of delegates. To exit ppt you have to click on stop presenting button. Thanks Di
Hi Martin Here is a good clip to watch. It explains how to use breakout rooms. There are loads of clips on You Tube that might help you with the other things. Thanks Di

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