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The question was posted by Gill on 10/05/2021 13:11:23

NHS Lanarkshire’s Employee Relations (ER) Lead has asked me to scope indicative costs for an external company to design training materials for managers/partnership representatives and staff to better understand our workforce policies. These policies are part of the NHSScotland ?Once for Scotland? workforce policies – the policies and matching process can be accessed on

The overriding purpose of current policies (plus the matching process document) and future policy development is to create single, standardised policies that will be used consistently and seamlessly across NHSScotland.

The current policies in use are:
- NHSScotland Attendance Policy
- NHSScotland Bullying and Harassment Policy
- NHSScotland Capability Policy
- NHSScotland Conduct Policy
- NHSScotland Grievance Policy
- NHSScotland Whistleblowing Policy
- Workforce Policies Investigation Process

Our ER Lead is seeking indicative/approximate costs to design training materials and other materials to support the classroom based training (it is important to note this is a scoping exercise - no contract will be entered into at this point, and there is a strong probability this would eventually become a tendering exercise, if the ER Lead decides to progress with this project). Training would be delivered by ER staff. Training and support materials could be in the form of classroom based delivery, video clips for examples, case studies, eLearning, etc. Any training materials would need to reference policy content, provide examples and real-life case studies (which ER staff would work with a provider to design), as well as provide enough information on policy content for the staff to comprehend managerial requirements and staff requirements to adhere to/work within the policy.

If you would like to have a chat about this, please drop me an email and we can set up a call. Many thanks Gill ([email protected])

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