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The question was posted by Cat on 08/06/2021 14:49:25

Hi there, I'm asking if any of you can recommend an individual or an organisation who could deliver a "Personal Brand" workshop (ideally over Zoom) for an existing cohort of Graduates on our Graduate Development Programme. In the past I have successfully used Glasstap resources and delivered elements of personal branding in other workshops and could easily create and deliver something within the team. But, I'd really like our grads to see someone new rather than the same internal team of facilitators who they see regularly over their 3 years with us. If I can find someone who can really engage with this group I'd want to roll it out to others in the business on our accelerated talent pathways. I've had a quick search on Google and asked fellow L & D professionals but am drawing a blank. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks Cat

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Hi Cat. I've run personal brand workshops for graduates, aspiring and high potential leaders and also use key elements for 1-to-1 coaching. It would be great to chat about what you're looking for and how I could potentially support you? My email is [email protected] Caroline
Hi Cat, We have a great short workshop on personal brand. It helps participants to discover their X Factor, Understanding the WhY factor, identifying your personal values, discover your passions, exploring your purpose, how to build your brand and make an impact, eliminating your Zzz factor. Happy to have a chat if this might be of interest to you. Kind regards, Pauline @ learn to grow
Hi Cat Someone it might be worth having a conversation with is Jennifer Holloway ( Jennifer focuses her work on personal brand. Linda.
Hi Cat, I have used a lady called Louise Kerr from Resonance voice before to deliver workshops on presence and style. I'm not sure if this is the type of thing you are looking foe, from my experience this is prevalent to building personal brand, especially for graduates wanting to promote and sell themselves to gain jobs. this type of training is all about using voice and body language and really pushing people out of their comfort zones and Louise is great and linking to course content. she delivered on a stepping stones career development programme I run as part of our building personal brand modules. hope this helps.
Antoinette Dale Henderson is brilliant - I've worked with her a lot on this sort of topic and she takes the time to tailor her session for your needs. You'll find her on Linkedin.
Hi Cat,
I deliver this. Also do so as part of a graduate programme. Works very well indeed and feedback is always excellent.
My email is [email protected]
Best Regards

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