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The question was posted by Rebecca on 29/10/2021 11:48:50

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if the Trainer Library gang can come to my rescue once more!! I've been asked to write a programme for Kickstart, which as far as I understand is a gorvernment led initiative aimed at helping young people into work. I've not been given much detail about what the training should be geared around and wondered if anyone out there has been working on this - or whether they have any materials I could look at - of course, willing to share what I've put together so far. Any help with this would be massively appreciated.

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Hi Fiona, I would love that, and would find it so helpful. How do I get in touch with you? My email is [email protected], if that helps!
Hi Rebecca, You are correct it is a UK Government initiative to help young people into employment. As such your programme should contain employability skills such as applying for jobs, writing c.v's, interview skills and personal skills such as confidence building etc. There are a number of short course and videos in the library which will help you. If you want to get in touch I can share the detail of our programme with you.

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