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The question was posted by Laura on 15/11/2021 17:03:24

Hi all, I have been asked to review/consider a bonus scheme which could be used in a small L&D team. I was just wondering if any of you have ever implemented such a scheme and what measures did you use? Many thanks in advance

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Hi Laura,
If this was my task as an HR consultant, I would begin by asking at least the following questions: -
1. What is the bonus culture and reputation in the rest of the organisation and how can we make it culturally normal?
2. Have this team ever received bonuses before in this or previous jobs and what was their attitude toward them and what impacts did the bonuses have?
3. What's the business objective here? to reward (e.g. as a thank you,) or to incentivise a particular type of behaviour or process response?
4. Bonuses are no use unless they payout! what's the annual bonus budget and how do you want to see it distributed?
5. What do you want the contractual position to be? e.g., a right to participate in this specific scheme, or a right to be part of any kind of scheme that you choose in the future, or no right at all, other than on this occasion and subject to certain criteria being met?
6. How can you make sure the scheme steers clear of being free of discriminatory bias?
I hope these questions will help you to shape your response.


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