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Building confidence providing 'positive challenge'.

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The question was posted by Adam on 08/04/2022 10:36:13

I have been tasked with designing an interactive 105 minute session for a collection of Line Managers, Business Analysts & Project Managers. My key stakeholder wants to build the group's confidence raising issues/offering challenges without it becoming confrontational. Part of the session is likely to focus on asking great questions & when to escalate, but it would be great if anyone can recommend potential role plays or interactive (team) exercises that will bring an element of fun to the space? Thanks in advance, Adam.

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Huge thanks for your thoughts & ideas Craig. Super useful & much appreciated! Hope you're well & have a lovely weekend.
Hi Adam, A couple of thoughts. Who's responsibility is it for people to speak up? Is it the individual (who therefore needs to develop confidence?), or is the leaders of those team that should enable and create the environments where people are included, and can speak up. One activity that comes to mind is entering the session would be to explore the Psychological Safety Quadrant (Amy C. Edmondson). It get's people to identify where they are at, where the team is at, and where they want to be. It can be done in a visual interactive way, and done remotely. From there is could be about discussing how leaders invite participation and demonstrate situational humility to create the environment where people can speak up.

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