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9 Box Model for Talent Management and Succession Planning

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The question was posted by Rebecca on 09/05/2022 16:33:20

Hi everyone,

I'm shortly embarking on an exercise for our business based on the 9 box model, to identify those that need to be developed for more senior roles amongst other things. Has anyone got any experience of working with it? If so, I'd be interested to hear about how you went about implementing it, and any tips or techniques you used that you found useful. I'd also be interested in any tools or resources you used. If anyone has anything they can share, I'd be really grateful.

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Thanks very much all for this - Pauline, I'd love to have a 121 with you about this. is there a good time for me to call? Louise, I'd love to talk with you too. My email address is [email protected], please let me know how I can get in touch with you. Thanks to all of you for your responses, I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late acknowledgement, I've been laid low with COVID!!
Hi Pauline, I read your response regarding succession planning with interest. I hope you don't mind if I get in touch.. thank you.
Hi Rebecca I've used the 9 box grid in a couple of organisations - I'd be happy to have a one to one and see if I can help? Louise
Hi everyone, If there is someone out there that is willing to share, I would also be very interested please. Many thanks in advance.
We used this in my department. To be honest none of us as Senior Leads were fans. However, what we did with our manager was get together and discuss each team member by looking at the box criteria and citing evidence to support what we wanted to give each team member. Once we had a consensus we would go back to our team members and explain what the marking was and what was needed if they want to move up the 9 box grid. We didn't do any particular training other than unconscious biases and equality and diversity which were mandatory.
Hi Rebecca, I've done a lot with succession planning as part of my previous role as Global Head of Talent & Development. I have also helped various organisations (large & small) with their succession planning. I have a toolbox of tools to use and would be happy to discuss/share these with you. Please get in touch if you think that this would be helpful - [email protected] or 07976 028132.

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