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The question was posted by Nathalie on 24/05/2022 13:11:47

We have a group of client facing people managers who we are looking to develop into more senior roles, I want to develop training on Personal Impact or Brand, probably a series of bite sized workshops. This would be to help them identify areas for development on how they can effectively dial up their personal impact in or order to positively influence and connect with others . Any ideas, thoughts, content suggestions welcome.

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Thank you both, I shall start exploring.
Hi Nathalie It might be worth having a conversation with Jennifer Holloway who has written a book on Personal Branding and writes a regular blog entitled Personal Branding for Business. Her email address is [email protected] Linda
Hi Natalie,

I'd strongly recommend having a look at the following modules in Trainers' Library, which look at our ability to influence, where our 'power' comes from and how we can increase our ability to influence.

Influence 1 - The Games People Play (
Influence 2 - Sources of Power
Influence 3 - Profile of Power

You could also look at:

Channelling Your Influence

I also think there could be something you could do using Feelings Cards, to encourage people to consider their core values and help them understand their brand.

And, as an icebreaker, One Man Brand, might make a nice start.

I hope this helps, but if you need other suggestions, pop a question in Design Coach and I'll put my thinking cap on. :-)


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