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The question was posted by Nicola on 26/05/2022 20:59:00

I am looking for a 360-degree feedback tool I can use with clients as and when needed as I am self-employed. It needs to be a reasonable price. Or have you got any alternative suggestions, please?

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Thank you for all the help. Really appreciated.
Hi Nicola I am a self-employed consultant and use a system called Reactive360 (, which I think is reasonably priced, with my clients. The system can be tailored to match clients competence/ behaviours frameworks and is relatively straightforward to setup/use. Linda
Look on the internet for Mind Tools.
Thank you Ric I've sent an email
Thank you Sarah Heaton, I would love a chat and anything you could share would be brilliant.
Hi Nicola, in previous places I've worked where there has been zero budget I have used the free survey monkey platform to bespoke 360 feedback questions. I have then created my own report with screenshots and pasted feedback into a word document that I have used to coach the people through their feedback ~ happy to share how I did this if you'd like to hear more.
Hi Nicola, I have an online system that might be useful for you. I would be happy to demo it for you and set you up with a free admin account. You then pay as you go with the reports that you need. My email is [email protected] Speak soon Ric

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