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Can anyone recommend someone to design content for workshops?

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The question was posted by Tarvinder on 30/06/2022 17:40:57


I am looking for an expert who can help support me to create 5 half day management development/ soft skills workshops which I would then deliver.

If you can recommend someone who is available immediately and reasonably priced please drop me an email at [email protected]



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Thank you Zoe - I will check out Find a Trainer and thank you Pauline too. I will reach out to Sheridan.
Don't forget to have a look at Find a Trainer too Tarvinder. If there's anyone there that can help, you'll know that they're licensed to help you develop your courses using Trainers' Library materials.

I hope you find someone to help.
Hi I can highly recommend Sheridan Webb for this. She has a wealth of experience and the quality of her materials are of a very high standard. You can contact Sheridan at [email protected] I have worked with Sheridan for many years and would highly recommend her materials. Pauline

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