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Banter v bullying

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The question was posted by Jane on 25/07/2022 22:53:19

Hi all, does anyone know of any resources on banter in the workplace and when banter can turn into bullying & harassment…? Ideas for both on-line and f2f training would be welcomed - thanks!

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The exercise on Trainers Library "Are you OK with this?" is a good introduction to bullying and harassment and has lots of examples of behaviour. I find it generates a good discussion (which tends to include banter) around how context is so important in a lot of workplace behaviours. Some things are an absolute no, but a lot of things are in a grey area, so it's useful to have some examples to discuss.
Hi, I don't have any resources (sorry) but I've recently started using Gordon Allport's Scale of Prejudice (1954) as a way of starting the discussion.

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