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Creative Problem Solving for HR

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The question was posted by Liam on 17/08/2022 05:52:40

Hi Everyone. Can I pick your collective brains please. I am looking for ideas for an 'out of the box' thinking training workshop for HR professionals (junior to mid management). Either a fresh 'spin' on current Glasstap content to make it specifically relatable, and also any nother ideas. Relating the topic to procedure, process, policy thinking would be ideal. Also aspects of creative and non-creative cultures.
Many Thanks. Liam.

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Thank you Pauline. Appreciated.
I am an experienced trainer/facilitator myself, so was just looking for more tools for my toolkit to specifically address the topic from a HR perspective.
Thanks for the input.
Hi Liam, Firstly, I would start off by saying to stimulate creative thinking firstly consider the environment that people are in. Sitting around the Bored (I mean Board) Room table looking for ideas is simply not going to work. Take people into or create a stimulating environment for this to take place - art galleries, museums, countryside, seaside etc. I think that this is essential. For many people creativity is not just something that can be turned on so consider who is attending, their preferred style - for introverts this may be their worst nightmare! In the past I've used some Kaizen tools such as Visual Management - showing examples of some really good visual management then inviting the team to create their own with colourful pens, magazines etc. Fishbone Analysis - is another great tool that gets everyone involved, Value Stream Mapping - can be great fun and I've done this many times outdoors. I also love Edward De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats and again this can be real fun if you have real hats. I'd also suggest investing in an experienced facilitator for the day (if you can) as this makes all the difference as they can really bring their expertise, skill and energy to the session. Those are just a few but happy to discuss further if you want - [email protected]

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