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The question was posted by Colin on 05/09/2022 14:06:36

Does anyone have any top tips, guidance on the following?
• Managing a remote international team.
• Managing staff whose first language is not English, though they can speak English.
I see this as a kind of extreme version of those we support in our UK office who are still doing the mental translation.
• Cultural differences to be aware of.
• Building trust and respect remotely, and taking into consideration that the cultural difference of who we in the UK and those in India build trust and respect.
• Creating new relationships in a new team, add to that the element (& pressures) of the change curve; for both the supervisors and the staff.

Thanks in anticipation, Colin

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Hi Colin, I used to work across Europe & Middle East and am used to designing and delivering training to mixed national groups. I am happy to chat through your queries and share my experiences/tips etc. It can be a challenge and may require a bit more thought however is extremely rewarding. Best, Pauline
Hi Colin, being Swedish of origin working out of the melting pot Luxembourg with usually 10 different nationalities in a group of 8 :) delivering trainings and coaching in four different languages, I'm happy to have a call with you and share some of my insights and experiences.

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