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Remote Facilitation for In-person Group

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The question was posted by Lindsay on 03/11/2022 11:02:18

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to share for this scenario. I'll be facilitating a workshop through Teams to a group of around 12 participants who will be in a room face-to-face. I'll have a 'helper' in the room who can issue worksheets and sort out groups. If you've delivered in this format I'd love to hear what you learnt / would share in terms of good practice. The session involves practical group work as well as discussions. Just looking for some practical tips if anyone has any.

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Hi Gary,

I'll be delivering and leading the session from Teams to a room of around 15 delegates. The person who will be present I was thinking would co-ordinate setting up groups pull feedback together, write things on flipchart and help make sure that everyone is heard. I was just looking for any tips something I might not have thought about just to smooth the experience for us all.
In the configuration you are talking about the training of the "helper" would be critical, because it is that person who would do the in-person interacting with the live audience. Correct?
Hi Jim, that would be really helpful, I'm tied up until 4.30pm today. My contact information is on my profile (just click on my name below) if you want to drop me a message with your contacts just let me know when you are free.
Hi Gary, yes that's correct - I will be the only one on Teams but I will have a 'helper' in the physical room.
Before I respond to your specific request, please clarify. So, the only role you have for Teams is yourself as the person administering to the group of 12?
Hi I have a lot of experience of this and happy to have a conversation this afternoon? I have been running peer learning groups for the past 3 years
Fabulous timing! Thanks Louise that's really helpful.
Hi Lindsay I actually delivered a workshop in those circumstances yesterday - although without the helper (I asked the client to put all the handouts in envelopes, so they could grab them as they needed them). I was a bit nervous about how well it would work, particularly as the group ended up in two separate rooms (I found that out 10 mins before the session!), but actually, it was fine. I found that during exercises it was best if I turned my camera off, so I wasn't distracting them (you can't help but stare at a screen if it's on), but also found that was a good way to listen to what they were discussing - they kind of forgot I was there. I used a few Trainers library face to face exercises, and they worked well - I would just advise keeping them fairly short and punchy, and not too complicated as it's difficult to give finer detailed instructions, and there is still the concentration limit that I've found doing training online, but other than that, it can work! Hope your courses go well, Louise

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