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Liberating Structures

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The question was posted by Becky on 30/11/2022 12:04:10

Hi Trainers Library Gang, I’ve just come across something called Liberating Structures. I’m interested to know if anyone has used these before, how they used them and why. I’m also interested in any resources or companies people can recommend that provide training for trainers on using liberating structures.

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Thanks Nicola and Simon,

I've sourced a workshop/immersion day on Liberating Structures. I'm attending an event about them at the end of February. If you would be interested to know what I've learned after attending, please let me know and we can arrange a telephone/teams hook up!
I've just had a look at this and it is very much based on LEAN ways of working and involving your team. I can vouch that with that type of response you get good results.
Hi Becky - I love Liberating Structures! I've used several of the different processes at different times - I like the way they start very simple and become increasingly complex. I find they're a well designed set of processes which help add some variety into workshops, and are good at getting everyone involved in conversation. I use 15% Solutions a lot at the moment, in a climate where no-one seems to have any resources, the focus on what you CAN do with what you DO have, seems to really help people reframe what's happening for them - especially when they feel stuck. There's loads of stuff in the public domain on LS - including a Slack channel which has over 8000 members from around the world who are asking how to do things/sharing how they're using LS etc.

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