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The question was posted by Sue on 12/01/2023 09:40:57

Hi All

First time posting :-)

I need to do a really high-level outline of some training for 2 new managers for one of my clients. It doesn't need to be in too much detail at this stage and I was wondering if anyone had any examples/tips they could share?



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Thanks Malc I will go and have a look at this
Sue, I used The Managers Triangle of Responsibility (in Trainers Library) with a group of managers. It gives them a great insight into what their responsibilities should now be and what they need to leave behind. As there are only two of them you could really drill down asking them what measures etc are already in place for some of the answers they will come up with. You'd also have the opportunity to action plan with them from that. Depending how much time you have I paired this with a look at Tuckman's team stages and this gives an insight to the people skills they will need to manage their teams and identify where there teams are. I introduced the whole session by looking at Task v Relationship - the 'only' things that they need to run a team and the issues that over concentration on one or the other creates. Happy to share some outputs with you if it would help. Good luck. Malc

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