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Interactive exercises on company values

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The question was posted by Jane on 28/02/2023 09:18:45

We have a new set of Core Values 'handed over' to us from our parent company with the expectation that we'll simply put a poster up on a wall... :( Instead, I'm looking to develop interactive sessions around the topics of the 4 values - Integrity; Trust; Agility; Boldness - and wondered if anyone could recommend any good f2f (and on-line where possible) exercises that touch on these specific topic areas. Thanks in advance! :)

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We are going through a values project too. Assuming you have a set of expected behaviours/statements sitting under each of the values? We use an exercise where colleagues are asked to rate themselves, their team, and the organisation against the values. This usually triggers a really useful conversation about where we are now and where we need to be.
Let me know if you'd like to take a look
A couple of ideas for you. Get groups to identify their personal values - provide them with some suggestions and ensure the words above are included, I have a questionnaire you could use as a starting point if you need it. Then discuss why personal values are important to us and the link between values and behaviours. Then spilt the group into 4 (you could use online breakouts too) and ask the group to explore the corporate value. What does this mean to them, and ask them to focus on positive definitions. What behaviours are associated with this value? And then create some workplace scenarios to demonstrate how you would use this value for good at work. Then link back to their own personal values, can we see some alignment now? We may have chosen different words but ultimately we can see how these words have some relevance to our personal values and behaviours. In my experience, whilst we know a perfect world is to get the team to develop values, this isn't always possible, so enabling people to explore and decide if they can see relevance can be helpful. It might also be beneficial to understand how the organisation are going to 'use' values in every day working and this again is another great discussion point. Good Luck.
I'm following this thread with great interest - have a client who are in a similar position.

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