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The question was posted by Lisa on 02/03/2023 12:30:00

Has anyone got any experience using Linked In Learning within their organisation? I'm looking for comments on its usefulness, what take up it got and whether you think it is worth the money?

Any comments are welcome!

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Thanks for your comments. It will help the discussion I'm having with my manager.
There is a lot of content, but the last 2 companies I worked for pulled it as they didnt see value for money or our product developers said the content is out of date and doesnt update as quickly as the technologies do.

I have found similar content for free online and we use this for now until I get the approval for the LMS we sourced
Hi Lisa, We use LinkedIn Learning for more specialist teams i.e. UX design, Web Development, Customer Experience and Marketing. We don't use it company wide and this does cause us some issues as I can only purchase licenses in batches of 10 which is a limitation for me. I now have people sharing licenses which need to be manually transferred each month. If you are going to use it company wide then the minimum number of licenses shouldn't cause an issue (depending on how big your company is) however if you are only going to have a few it will need to be a consideration. The feedback I get is that it does add value and is useful for those that have access to a license. Hope this helps.

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