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The question was posted by Sue on 11/07/2023 16:13:10


I am planning course designed for those new to management over two days face to face. Has anyone done anything similar using resources in Trainers' Library that worked well ?

Kind Regards


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Thank you to Elaine and Lisa for your feedback, much appreciated.
Kind Regards

Hi Sue, I currently run a virtual program (6 webinars x 2 hours) using content from trainers library and find that the modules on the managers role in employee engagement, skill/will matrix, motivation, intro to coaching, effective delegation, giving feedback, preparing for difficult conversations are all really great! Also, have a look at the 1 days courses on trainer's library - 1st time managers, managing for high performance, employee engagement (the managers role) and from team person to manager all look excellent and I think you could probably use a couple of these as a foundation program and the design is done for you!
Hi Sue, I run a training program for managers and I find the "Are you OK with this?" exercise stimulates a really good discussion about behaviours in the workplace and for new managers it gives them a chance to consider what they would do if these happened. Also the At a Crossroads for new managers has many scenarios for them to consider, so again a good discussion point. Hope this helps.

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