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The question was posted by Lucy on 04/09/2023 16:26:03


I have been asked to deliver an icebreaker in a 30-minute slot at our company's annual get-together. Approx. 100 people and it's been branded as an icebreaker...

We have a company coming in later that day to deliver a gameshow/quiz, so that rules out any type of quiz element. The team already know each other and I'm looking for some inspiration if possible?!

Areas of focus for this event are health and safety, professional service providers, and new values/vision.....does anyone have a large-scale icebreaker that is fun, engaging and one that isn't the stereotypical norm?

Indoor venue, caberet style seating

Huge ask, and grateful for any suggestions.


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Hi Lucy The one I love for a large group who you want them to warm up, be connected with each other is to use SLIDO. It is very interactive and you can ask some very fun questions like: are you a dog or a cat kinda person? What's your all time favourite movie? I did a bit of speed dating with it, so people had to move around the room changing partners to work with via asking the question that came up on screen and putting in the other persons answer. Throughout 45 mins they got to meet 20 people and answered around 21 questions. it was a lot of fun and brought a huge amount of energy to the room. Note: You need a mic & bell/whistle to control the crowd - it got very noisy for all the right reasons :) Have fun and hope you get to try it.
Hi Lucy, I ran "The Wheel" (Trainers Library) at our leadership conference this May. It went down well and fitted in with our theme of collaboration (because people generally don't in the first round). I had celebrations chocolates for the "prizes". You just need to buy some dice and counters if you don't have them. I got ine from Amazon (link to counters
and link to dice
Hi Lucy, I ran the marshmallow challenge at a large conference for 120 people, cabaret style and it went down really well. It's very well known. The other one I ran is a Bridge Too Far for a sales conference, went really well - that is on Trainers' library. Good Luck Clare.

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