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The question was posted by Jane on 08/10/2023 12:27:44

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions, material ideally for an hour's session on Mindfulness, how to navigate and deal with stress and look after your own wellbeing.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you both
Hi Jane, I may have something useful for you. If you would like to email me direct I can send you some information. [email protected].
Hi Jane,

We have nothing specifically on Mindfulness, though the Internet is full of resources for this (and I'd also recommend having a look at the Headspace App, but in terms of navigating/dealing with stress, have you had a look at the selection in Trainers' Library here:

And here:

I'd particularly recommend having a look at Coping with Stress and Little Wins. Little Wins can be a powerful way of feeding positive thinking.

Hope this helps a bit.


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