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The question was posted by Charlotte on 20/11/2023 15:50:44

Hi there,

I was hoping for recommendations for 360 feedback software that makes getting feedback for participants at the start of the training vs the end easy.

This would be feedback on themselves from their peers on their areas of growth so we can measure the development since training participation.


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Hi Charlotte, I have designed my own software based on making it as flexible for facilitators and coaches as it possibly could be. You can create your own question sets but also have a set of pre-designed questions to use or use a start. It is called My360Goals. I can set you up with a free account to see how the system works and create your questions. If you would like to talk further let me know, or you can email [email protected] I have loads of experience of designing 360 surveys so can help with that if you need some support. Many thanks, Ric

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