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Boring systems show and tell intro!

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The question was posted by Yvette on 21/11/2023 14:37:30

Hello everyone I am working on a project of rolling out a brand new system to many colleagues over a short period. As the training is very much show and tell I'm looking for an exercise or activity to boost the moral in the room ( we have many colleagues not looking forward to a new system!) and to engage and boost the mood of colleagues so they start on a high and ready to learn! Does anyone have any tried and tested ideas of how to engage a systems training as it can be very boring for the learning at times.
Thank you!

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Hi Yvette,

I’ve just been working on exactly this type of project and here’s a few things I would share. In the intro highlight the benefits to the user of the system (not the benefits to the business). Depending on group size, ask people to share what the last new thing was that they learnt how to do. This will allow you to move into a discussion about how challenging it is but draw out positive stories from the group about the benefits. So that’s for your scene set.

Depending on the complexity of what they are learning, I would break the learning into chunks and create some training tools that they can use to practice using the system. Eg. New customer management system - could be some scenarios to follow for a new client etc. Or if it’s data management - have data in the training system and ask them to find various bits of info - you can turn that into a bit of a competitive activity once people get the hang of it which should build confidence - only if people are at a very similar standard though! What I wouldn’t do is just have them sitting with the system open in front of them. Try to establish a routine of you showing first and them doing after. If certain activities need to be done to a particular standard, be sure to explain why the standard is important (ie implications of not doing it that way).

To close, you could ask people to identify one thing they really like about the new system and something they know they’ll need to work on (something like that) and that will help you to know if there is anything more you could usefully cover in the session or how you might support people afterwards. Hope those ideas give you something useful to work on.
Hi Yvette,

I don't have a particular activity but could you do something around growth mindset so how the participants can have an open mind to the session and focus on what they could learn or how the new system will be beneficial (there must be benefits to roll it out, right?) Or, have a really open and frank conversation to understand why people aren't looking forward to it. You might then be able to do a reflection piece where you get them to think of something that has changed in the past for them that they weren't too happy about but actually it has benefited them / made their life easier.

In terms of the format of the session I would suggest get people moving and talking as much as possible even if it is a show and tell. Break the 'showing' into small sections and then in groups get people to discuss their thoughts on it, or try it out for themselves.

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