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The question was posted by Charlotte on 29/11/2023 13:38:57


I am looking for an activity that will demonstrate the different types of leaderships; autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. It is a virtual session and the idea is to have one person lead an activity in one of the above styles then another person demonstrate another and so on....

I need a task that can be done virtually that will highlight how different the results might be by using the different styles. I was thinking something simple but being virtual I am feeling a little stuck for inspiration as they cannot physically work together on building a tower or paper aeroplane or similar.

Any ideas welcome!

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Hi Charlotte,

I find something that's a simple 'teamwork' style task for a group to work on together (like Island of Opportunity or A Bridge Too Far) can be really effective.
I'd throw them into this at the start before giving much explanation about the different styles etc. then whist theyre working on the task I'll take notes on how each of them demonstrates thier style to be able to play back to them if they need it - usually once theyve done the task and then you deliver the styles content, theyre able to pick out for themselves what they did/how they acted to demonstrate thier style, but having your own notes on this can be useful prompts too and really bring the styles to life.

Best of luck with the session!

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