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Motivational Day for Managers

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The question was posted by Becky on 04/12/2023 16:14:18

Hi everyone,

I need to throw myself on your mercy once again! I've been asked to create a motivational day for Managers. The purpose isn't necessarily to train them on how to be better managers as I have other programmes lined up for that - the purpose is to have a bit of a 'feel good' day, and to get them pepped up and energised for the new year to come but it needs to be energetic and pacy - nothing too reflective or laid back in feel. The day will be delivered in January and I estimate there will be about 8 people or more per session! I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts and ideas about what might make a fun, inspirational and insightful day for them! All ideas welcomed!!

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Of course Becky, looking forward to receiving your email! Lottie
Hi Becky, id suggest using Insights or whichever model you use, this can be really high energy but with learning also and appreciation of differences which helps to motivate as the penny drops on why they dont get on as well with some as with others. Also just having a chat on 'What their perfect day' is in pairs helps to form really great rapport in the group and asking them to spot the other persons values whilst they are talking, i have found when i run this one that they all love it as they feel heard and understood.
Thanks very much Lottie, I’ll email you if that’s ok?
Hi Becky, I'd do a range of activities with them including a treasure hunt (ideally outdoors!), the change game (a high energy ball game highlighting what's needed in times of change plus team work (doesn't have to be one team, just a team) - everyone loves it!), a blindfold exercise highlighting the need for emotional intelligence at work and as a leader, a Lego exercise (again high energy and fun) highlighting comms skills, a strength game (At My Best) highlighting current strengths to leverage more and Trainers Library's Police Chase game is absolutely brilliant! Feel free to connect directly on [email protected] if you'd like to learn more about any of those.

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