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Creative activities to help ensure all new employees understand our values and behaviours

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The question was posted by Leonie on 25/01/2024 14:47:25

Hi All, we are revisiting our induction programme and one key aspect is embedding understanding and adoption of our values and behaviours. I was wondering what others had used successfully with new starters and also with current employees where this may require revisiting, Thanks Leonie

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Leonie - Not done Induction for a while now. However when I did I looked to bring the vales to life. The delegates would have a the company values and I'd ask them to list what behaviours they felt reflected these. I would then ask them to complete an exercise but before doing so I'd asked for a list of behaviours they would need to demonstrate in order to be successful - related to values. I'd list these on a flip chart, introduce the exercise (I used ColourBlind) and as they completed the exercise I'd tick and cross behaviours that were displayed or not, plus capture any disagreements/difference of opinions, etc of which there were a few! Once completed we would review success against the behaviours which in turn would line directly to values. In my experience any activity to bring out true behaviours would work. Cheers. Malc
Hi Leonie,

If you want to show why the values matter, and how they impact on engagement, creativity and output, then take a look at The Card Factory, which can be adapted to reflect your own values. It's a really powerful way to show why values matter and works particularly well, if you don't have too many:

There's also a remote delivery version, in case of need:

Hope this helps,

Thanks Anne, much appreciated. We do something similar when teams are developing their team charters. I was wondering whether inclusion of video clips of current colleagues (including reps from Senior mgt) sharing their thoughts may also help?
Hi Leonie. I've had some experience of this. For inductions, how about putting the participants into groups, allocating them a value and asking them to discuss what it means to them personally on a day to day basis and then link it into a work context. Another example I've seen is where people think about an objective to remind them of that value. Maybe have some props, pictures etc available for them to select and share stories and experiences of how they have lived that value in the past. I think that linking personal values to organisation values is really important, so maybe considering sharing their own values and then aligning them with the organisational ones might be helpful? Hope that provides a bit of inspiration?

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