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Creating Commercial Awareness and Client Relationship Management

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The question was posted by Sue on 07/02/2024 15:42:10


I am building training modules for a business that is looking to upskill its new manager pool. They have asked for me to look at this area and I was wondering if anyone knew of any modules that could support this? specifically they are looking at

a. Business Goals and Targets: what are they? What part do I play in them? How can I make sure we are geared to deliver on them?
b. Team Target Setting and meeting targets: understanding how these are set (and why), how to monitor them and meet them, and how to report on them, etc.
c. Future Work Planning: To include thoughts on planning workloads, identifying quieter periods in advance and to seek work/support from senior managers if required to get work in, plus also to identify periods where there is too much work and not enough resource in advance, and how to plan for this.
d. Client Relationship Management: how to build relationships, how to act under pressure, being accountable/being the lead, when to escalate information up the chain…so lots of scenario planning here, and we should spend some time on this area as it is one of their weaknesses
e. How to manage a contract (understanding contract requirements, KPI reporting to clients, keeping in touch, identifying commercial/job opportunities)
f. How to manage a project (managing the processes from estimating to closure for larger, individual jobs)
g. Customer / Client Satisfaction: how do we embed the expected behaviours with our team to meet clients needs and expctations?
h. How to manage a team budget

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Hi Sue,

There's quite a lot of material in Trainers' Library that I think will help here. If you do a search using the keyword SMART, you'll find quite a lot of options around setting/agreeing objectives.

In addition to these, I'd suggest looking at The Card Factory (a personal favourite) that looks at how to join the dots between values, objectives and employee engagement:

I'd also suggest looking at Breaking Goals Down:

For the broader issues around managing projects and time management, you could look ant the Hotel Doldrums series if you want to make it experiential, or the the three part series on Project Planning. You'll find these if you do a search using the keywords 'Project Management' as well as other modules that might be useful.

I'm sure others will have loads of brilliant suggestions as there are so many other modules that might be useful (too many to list).

If you need help identifying modules for a specific learning point further down the line, remember there's Design Coach too where I'll be able to identify modules that are specifically aligned to a particular learning objective:

I hope this gets you started. :-)


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