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The question was posted by Warren on 26/02/2024 05:58:14

Hi Everyone (New here)
Has anyone got a good exercise for a Benchmarking course?
I am considering a tried and tested marshmallow challenge but in 3 phases, i.e. first attempted, research & benchmarking phase then 2nd attempt with hopefully some improvements, but feel this could be better.
Very best
Warren Cass

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I just wanted to say thank you for the responses. Much appreciated.
Hi - another fun one as Emma has mentioned around benchmarking but also working smarter. Just depends how you want the exercise to run. Assuming you have even numbers and ask them to form a circle and choose a partner opposite them. Place a small yellow circle (post it note size) in the centre of their circle. The object of the exercise is to change places with their partner and as they do so they have to touch the post it note on the floor BUT they are not allowed to touch any other person or there is a time penalty.

Before you say go and start your stop watch ask them to shout 'stop' once the last pair have changed places. Then it's a debrief, thought time before a 2nd round. On round 3 ask them if they want to change anything to speed up the process and then repeat and compare times. Depends how many rounds you want to do (I've used 5 or 6). Eventually you may find them:

*asking if they can stand next to their partner to speed up and this works well but they still tend to move one at a time
* they may work out the ultimate which is partners are next to each other, one lying on the floor touching the post it sticker, their partner stands beside the them also touching the post it. So when you shout 'go' all that happens is the person standing steps over their partner and the pair take their fingers off the post it

As they progress from round 1 there are a number of combinations the team as a whole can take to improve before the ultimate solution. You could of course go for a mega circle using al delegates! Good luck with it. Malc
Hi there, I used to do numbers 1 -150 on a page all over the page in different directions and scattered. I would; 1 - first of all just tell them draw the lines to numbers or tick off number in order/as found, give no indication of time frame etc., and just shout GO! List names and the max number they got to. 2 - This time tell them they are to join the numbers as in dot to dot. Give them a time period they will have and then give them a 1/2 time warning. You observe the body language or any competitiveness. Again log names and the number they got to. This time ask them what differences they found and expect they knew the first X numbers placement etc., the time warning added a fear of being last etc. 3 - repeat but be clear they have 90 seconds, they need to have the numbers dot to dot, they will receive a 30 second alert at every 30 seconds. Again record the highest number achieved for each record the learns, feelings, what helped??? Hope this helps it is fun but a good shared learning, but underneath you do get to see those that help place the next few numbers their peers need, competition, reflection, introverted folk, fear of being the lowest number etc. It is great when i have used it previously. Emma

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