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The question was posted by Michaela on 04/03/2024 17:21:50

Hi there

I have been asked to put a programme together for people that have an appetite to get into line management but have limited or no experience

there is so much content on here but realistically i can only cover what i can on a 3 day programme any ideas of the key topics and what is really good on trainer library for support

thanks so much

M : )

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Hi I run a 4 day session for our aspiring managers and cover a wide variety of theories and strategies, highlighted by hands on activities. If you would like me to give you more information, please email [email protected].
Hi Michaela I put a similar programme together a few years ago and used a lot of content on Trainers Library. I would start with self-awareness so that as aspiring leaders they can become aware of the impact they have on others and their style. I would look at emotional intelligence and there are some great activities - there is a 2 part activity which I have used. Particularly the one that looks at intensities of emotions. Also changing perceptions and emotions is good. I might also look at understanding leadership styles - there is a fun activity that uses animals as a metaphor for leadership styles - leaders are animals- that has always gone down well. You could build on this with Leadership Identikit which explores the difference between leading and managing which is important to understand. I also used Murder at Glasstap Grange - fantastic for developing communication skills and the need to communicate information clearly. Hope that helps. Clare
Hi Michaela,

I agree with all the suggestions below.

I'd also suggest looking at the following modules:

The Leadership Identikit, which looks at the key roles of managers and leaders and the differences between the two:

New Managers - The Style is Right:

At a Crossroads - Board Game for New Managers:

Employee Engagement 1 - What's in it for me?:

Employee Engagement 3 - What engaging managers do:

Employee Engagement 4 - Building engagement:

(Employee Engagement 2 is a reflection on a manager's current team so is probably not relevant)

And finally, as it sounds like you're struggling on where to start, there are two suggested complete courses that might be relevant to your needs and which might provide a benchmark programmed from which to develop yours:

First Time Leadership
From Team Member to Team Manager

You'll find both of these here:

I hope this helps.

Michaela - I have used the Triangle of Responsibility - the 3 key roles of management under 'Leading for the First Time'. Although this looks at 3 key roles the manager has to do (assumes already managing) I found it ideal for those wanting to move up the ladder. I simply 'twisted' the words in the exercise to ask them what they believed they would need to do in the 3 areas compared to what they now do. This gave them an honest insight for what was ahead - the areas of concentration for a manager, the things that they might be already good at, the things they would need to give up and the areas they would need to work on.

You could take this a stage further and get them to action plan for the areas they would need to focus on and this in turn may give you other bespoke sessions you could, in the future, deliver for them. Food for thought and good luck. Malc
Hi I would say that there are many great resources on Trainers Library for this type of programme. Topics that I think you should consider would be; - Emotional Intelligence - Communication Skills - Strategic Thinking - Problem Solving - Empowerment & Delegation - Integrity & Ethics - Motivational Skills - Team Building - Diversity, Equality & Inclusion On Trainers Library there is a wealth of resources to support this (in fact you could create the whole programme from there) from icebreakers, case studies, videos, games, to learning materials ready for you to brand and use. I would look at the organisation and ask what it requires from its leaders today and what it will require going forward. Good luck with it. Pauline

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