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Looking for Global Leadership assessmetn Centre providers

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The question was posted by Previous on 22/12/2010 21:55:08

I am looking for providers of global leadership assessment centres.

Can anyone help

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Hi Maria,

I can recommend 2 providers for you, one here in the UK and one in the USA. Have a look at the websites of: and speak to Mel Kargh 01344 876300. They have run successful international leadership programmes, mostly in the service industries. They are based in Ascot. who are based in Philadelphia, speak to Robin Abramson (female!) who do leading edge work in Leadership. if you speak to either, please send them my warmest wishes for 2011!

warm regards,
Ali Gowans
Ring or email Dr Ian Stewart and his associates for the latest in research in leadership assessment - his work includes assessment of resilience and self-efficacy in leadership besides the normal stuff

He is on: 07977093159

[email protected]

He is worth a phone call at the very least


Hi Maria
I can honestly recommend Hudsons.
They are a global consultancy amongs other things and have an infrastructure to assist you with whatever global matrix you are working in support of.
If you need any contacts please come back to me and I will put you in direct contact.
UK L&D Manager
Hi Maria, I can recommend Odyssey Consultancy. They operate globally and have a lot of experience with training, developing and assessing leaders across many countries. I used to work for them a few years ago and hence my recommendation. If you speak to Kevin Lawrence email [email protected] or 01323 760667 and mention my name - you may get a discount!!

Carolyn Pickin
Motiv8 Development Ltd

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