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Management Styles - Situational Leadership

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The question was posted by Andrea on 22/09/2017 11:38:12

Hi, I have the activity on What Style R U? but I was looking for something a bit more substantial to run with new managers on how to flex their leadership style dependent on the situation and task maturity. The managers are sales people.

Any help - just an activity would be wonderful. Thank you so much


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yes it is jane. thank you so much and sorry for not responding earlier.
Hi Andrea,

Situational Leadership is a registered trademark and the owners are protective of copyright.

But if you want to a session on flexing your leadership style, have a look at these: New Managers: The Style is Right (
Putting on the Style - Introduction to Leadership Styles (

I hope this helps.

Hi Andrea I found an SL activity called Flex your Style via an online resource called "the Leadership Training Activity Book" If you can't find it via google then feel free to contact me:
Hi Andrea

I used to run an activity where we gave people a list of mini "case studies". So something like:

"A salesperson has regularly fallen under their weekly target of cold calls. Their manager has now blocked out an our in their calendar every week where they must make calls, and checks in on them at the beginning and end of that hour."

In pairs people have to decide what approach the manager is using, and then decide which approach would be the best one to use.

They also then had to fill out a grid with examples of when they personally could use each style, to take away with them.

Is that the kind of thing you had in mind?

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