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Taking responsibility and not passing the buck

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The question was posted by Tracy on 04/02/2020 15:12:30

Hi all. I am looking for inspiration for a team of staff who have a certain responsibility of a specific job, however there is a grey area which resulted in them passing the buck to another dept. That Dept disagreed that it was their responsibility and thus a whole process is being missed. Can anyone make any suggestions on how I can move forward on this?

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Great suggestions. Thank you so much.
Hi Tracy Getting people to own something that could be passed to someone else is something I teach about in my role. I actually address it on the second day in a new Starters induction. I talk about taking ownership and responsibility for your mindset and then your actions. I actually give the participants a dollar bill and tell them that its there to remind them of two things: 1) The buck stops with you! 2) Don't pass the buck! Its a great way of getting people to see how their actions and behaviour is paramount and how it adds to the success of the overall company. A successful company is only so because of it's successful people. Happy to chat you through what we do, if you want to know more! Best wishes Ali
Hi Tracy,

I think The Wheel would be a fantastic intro here, as it really does show what happens when we adopt a silo mentality. And then you could follow it up with the Department Game, to see if they've learnt anything. You might also want to look at some of our materials on the Internal Service Chain.

Here are links to the first two I mention and some of the materials on Internal Service:

If you'd like more detailed, help, please don't hesitate to pop a question on Design Coach:

I hope this helps,


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