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Group negotiation role play exercise

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The question was posted by Tracy on 28/04/2022 09:49:22

Hi all. I currently use a role play exercise for a group to do as the final activity in my negotiation know-how course, however this 'Road through the Business Park' role play required at least 9 people for this activity to work. I am finding that this course is only attracting around 5 or 6 people lately and I'm therefore looking for another group role play exercise that will last around 45 minutes for a smaller group of people. Does anyone have any ideas or resources that I could use for this? Thanks in advance.

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I must say I agree with Rod on this one, Tracy. It is not necessary to work in teams in Island. In addition, you might wish to take a "Six Hats," Edward de Bono approach to the training as well. In fact, asking participants to switch hats, or roles, would also seem to be of value.
Thanks Mathew for your suggestion. I know exactly the activity you are referring to and I already use this in a different course.
Thanks for the suggestions. Rebecca I would be interested in receiving this, please email me at [email protected] Thank you.
Hi - not a Trainer's Library activity - but Lost At Sea (and there are a couple of variations in the 'survival' genre) is really good for this type of thing.
Hi Tracy,

It's a shame that Island won't work for your group as it delivers all the goals you're looking for. With Town Centre Street Names, it's not essential either that your group work in teams. They could negotiate individually, so that might work. I can see that Rebecca's made another suggestion but if I can be of further help, drop an enquiry through Design Coach with the additional info requested, and I'll put my thinking hat on. (Please be aware though that I'm off after today until Tuesday. :-))

Hi Tracy, I have an exercise I could send to you that works with groups of 6 really well. You have to adjust the figures in it based on numbers of delegates, but it works well in the training I run with similar sized groups. If you let me know your email address I will send it to you.
Hi Rod

Island of opportunity isn't really what I am looking for. Town Centre Street Names is more relevant, however I don't want the individuals to work in teams.

I'm looking for a role play opportunity where the individuals have to represent themselves and their own point of view from their brief. It needs to be something realistic (which is why Island of opportunity isn't really right) and needs to last around an hour. I will be observing and then providing feedback to all individuals on their negotiation skills, how they interact with others, their negotiation style, consideration etc. There needs to be some sort of dilemma that the while negotiation will resolve through their own means.

Hope that makes a little more sense.

Hi Tracy,

What about Island of Opportunity? It has a face-to-face or remote delivery version and works really well with small groups - you just need a minimum of three participants:
Face to Face:

Alternatively, you could look at Town Centre Street Names:

Let me know if these suggestions are any good and if you need more guidance, don't hesitate to pop a question in Design Coach:

All the best,


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