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Some of Our Most Reviewed Activities

This month we’re donating £20.00 to St Mungos, a charity that works to rebuild the lives of homeless people, every time one of our members reviews a Trainers’ Library activity they’ve used.

At the time of writing, this has already raised £340.00, which will be added to the £50.00 we’re also donating for every new member who joins Trainers’ Library this month.

I want to raise more. So, I thought I’d turn the spotlight on some of our most reviewed activities with a five-star rating.

It is great for challenging assumptions that people make and works well when using in Equality and Diversity workshops to really get into challenging assumptions in a non confrontational way. An excellent exercise that is well written and works in many different situations.” Ric Hayden

We have been using this activity in our Equality and Diversity sessions to demonstrate what happens when we make assumptions or go into something with a preconceived idea in our mind.” Hannah Bell

I love this activity… Really highlights the importance of sharing information and asking great questions. Also the pitfalls of making assumptions and jumping to conclusions.” Clare Bell

This is one of the best activities I have ever facilitated ... Although it is quite a challenging task, the delegates were enthusiastic, excited and engaged the whole time. One delegate had recently paid to attend an Escape Room experience and she said that this beat it, hands down!” Mike Darbyshire

I have now used Jack Fruggles Treasure more than 30 times over the past few years... it clearly highlights different ways in which individuals contribute towards a team. What a great activity it is and it is so versatile, fun, challenging and can be adapted in so many ways.” Gary Shewan

I love this exercise because after preparing the materials you can almost sit back, relax and watch the complete lack of negotiation skills most people have.” Richard Linder

I love this exercise! I have used it on several occasions and there always seems to be some new learning that can be drawn out.” Lisa Lester

Even with my poor amateur dramatic skills then this is a great exercise. It is fun to run, energises the group and as with all TL exercises generates powerful discussion and learning points.” Emma Wynne

A brilliant game that I've yet to come across a participant who's not loved it! High energy, lots of skills tested and fun overall!” Lottie Skuthe-Cook

I ran this activity with a very dysfunctional and underdeveloped team. The design is very clever and does a great job in provoking extreme emotions and reactions. The learning that came out of the de-brief was very valuable and we had a few light bulb moments of self-awareness.” Lorna Logan

Brilliant exercise for getting delegates into deeper discussions about behaviours and their impact. I also customised some statements to make them relevant to the groups I was working with (using the word template).” Rosemary Taylor

Much discussion generated by the two different/parallel scenarios and delegates agreed that this was an effective way of demonstrating that customer care can cost nothing other than a positive attitude!” Robert Corteen

There you have it, just 12 of the hundreds of training activities in Trainers’ Library with a five-star rating from real users.

But there’s always modules waiting for their first review, including the new ones added nearly every week. Your reviews and feedback really matter to us, helping us to understand what you love, and why and where modules can be improved. And we know from analysis and anecdotal evidence how important they are to you too when choosing new activities to use.

Until next time...

December 12 2023Rod Webb

Rod Webb

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