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Activity ideas for After care team

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The question was posted by Jason on 25/02/2018 18:05:15

Hi, I have been asked to put together a short workshop or series of workshops to help our after care team with some of the skills they use day to day such as talking to customers over the phone, writing emails and letters, making decisions themselves and handling difficult customers. Content wise I am pretty much there, however I am wondering if anyone has got any good activities I can run to demonstrate some of the above, any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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Hi Jason,
There's lots of material in Trainers' Library that you could have a look at, here's some of the exercises I would suggest for you.
Pitfalls and Trampolines - Call Centres and Telesales -
Pitfalls and Trampolines - Customer Service -
Wrong Standard - Examination of a Real 'Standard Letter' -
Wrong Message, Poorly Written -
Decision Making Approaches -
Decision Matrix -
Customer Care - Dealing with Difficult Customers -
Difficult People - And How to Deal with Them -
These are just a few of the exercises that could be useful so please do call us if you'd like any more help, and don't forget about our Mentor service too.
Thanks Jason, hope this helps :)

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